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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

To be eligible for the rebate, you must purchase a set of 4 qualifying tires at a participating Authorized Goodyear Retailer which is physically located in your country of residence. Purchases must be made within the promotion dates listed on the rebate form. Businesses, clubs and organizations are not eligible for this rebate program. Reference your Rebate Form for complete details.
All pertinent information needed to complete your rebate request is located on the Invoice received from your retailer.

You will be asked to provide your name, address, phone number, email address, the retailer you purchased from, your vehicle year make and model, and the purchase information such as invoice number, tire style and size, quantity, purchase date and etc.

Remember to mail a copy of your Invoice with the Rebate Form within the promotion period indicated on your rebate form. Late claims postmarked after the program deadline will not be accepted. Rebate submissions without the Invoice will be disqualified.
Contact the Goodyear Retailer that performed your service and they can re-print another Invoice for you. A copy of your Invoice is required to validate your rebate submission.
Typically the Invoice number is located in the top section of the Invoice in close proximity to the customer information.
Simply complete the rebate form and mail the form along with a copy of your Invoice to the address listed on the form.
If the rebate form indicates that online rebate is allowed you can submit the claim online. You will be required to upload a scanned image or a high-resolution photo of the complete invoice.

To submit your rebate online you will go to Under the section “SUBMIT A REBATE” you will need to enter your rebate offer number. This is the “event number” located in Section 3 of the rebate form.
Make a clean, legible copy of your Invoice and mail it with the completed Rebate Form to the address listed on your paperwork. You should retain copies of your entire rebate submission for your records.
Please allow up 8 weeks for the delivery of the rebate prepaid card.
You can check the status of your rebate within the My Rebate Status section of this website.
Submissions mailed after the last eligible postmark date will be rejected. Our rebate offers are special because they are carefully planned for specific timeframes and are not available all the time. Watch for future offers on our products and services, check the dates and submit your rebate promptly.
Customers are eligible for one (1) rebate per qualifying purchase. Each rebate must be submitted separately and sent along with a valid Invoice to the address listed on the Rebate Form. Maximum of 4 rebate claims per household.
If you have additional questions, and would like to speak with one of our agents call 1-844-539-5503 weekdays, 8am to 5:15pm CST.
Select U.S. rebate programs may offer a bonus rebate. See your rebate form for details. To be eligible for the bonus rebate amount, your qualifying purchase must be made using your Goodyear Credit Card. You must include the first 4 and last 4 digits of your Goodyear Credit Card on the rebate form or online claim submission to be eligible for the bonus rebate amount.
The Goodyear prepaid card is valid for 6 months.
If you have not received your Goodyear prepaid card after 8 weeks, call the rebate center to speak with one of our agents at 1-844-539-5503 weekdays, 8am to 5:15pm CST.
Goodyear prepaid cards can be used everywhere Goodyear debit cards are accepted. Cards do not have cash access and cannot be used at ATMs. Always select CREDIT when making purchases.

At gas stations, you must present your card to an attendant inside the gas station; DO NOT use it at the pump.

At restaurants, be aware they often authorize an additional temporary 20% gratuity charge to your bill. The actual charge once settled will be the price of the meal plus the gratuity that you add.
Always select CREDIT when making purchases. You are authorized to make purchases that do not exceed the available balance on the card. To check your available balance visit or call 1-800-522-7458, you must have your prepaid card number available.
Information on Canadian Air Miles can be obtained from your retailer or at